Optical Filters

Optical Filters

Optical Filters use glasses and optical coatings to select and control a specific spectrum of light, transmitting or attenuating light as required.

The two most common types of Optical Filters are those used for absorption and interference. Optical Filter properties are either embedded in the glass as solid state or applied in multilayer optical coatings to create the precision effect required.

UQG Optics supplies a full range of Optical Filters from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). We offer industry-specific filters by optical and glass specialists Schott and Hoya, covering a full range of colour glass filters, along with high quality coatings from leading optical coaters. Depending on the application, low cost options can be accommodated with the special selection of a particular filter.

UQG’s range of Optical Filters are used by scientific OEM companies around the world, across a huge range of sectors from medical and life science to industrial and defence. Applications include gas detection, R&D, instrumentation, sensors calibration and imaging.

Our range of optical filters includes colour glass filters, cut off and blocking filters, heat control filters and ND (neutral density) filters.

All our Optical Filters can be supplied from a standard range stock or custom made. We are able to supply custom optical filters to your specific design, size and specifications.