Cut Off & Blocking Filters

Cut Off & Blocking Filters are a subcategory of Optical Filters designed to selectively transmit or attenuate specific wavelengths of light.

These filters are essential components in a variety of optical systems, providing precise control over the spectrum of light that passes through or is blocked.

UQG Optics offers a comprehensive range of Cut Off & Blocking Filters, including longpass, shortpass, and band-reject filters, each designed to meet the unique requirements of different optical systems. These filters find applications across various industries, such as medical, life science, industrial, and defence sectors. Common uses include gas detection, R&D, instrumentation, sensors calibration, and imaging systems.

Our Cut Off & Blocking Filters are sourced from industry-leading optical and glass specialists Schott and Hoya, ensuring high-quality filters with excellent performance. Depending on the specific application, we can accommodate low-cost options through the careful selection of an appropriate filter.

UQG Optics provides an extensive selection of stock Cut Off & Blocking Filters and custom solutions tailored to your specific designs and requirements. Please contact us for your bespoke Cut Off & Blocking Filters needs or browse our stock range to find the perfect solution for your application.