Materials Section

Schott Heraeus Corning

Materials processed by the UQG Optics range cover general sheet glasses for commercial application to high precision coated sheet optical filters.

Glass raw material, machined blanks, polished sheet glasses & coated sheets are sourced from worldwide manufacturers such as Schott, Heraeus and Corning. We hold a range of materials and glasses with full batch identification of every glass stocked, full traceability can be supplied with your finished component.

Data sheets of each material can be viewed online including transmission data and optical properties.

Optical Materials

A range of optical materials transmitting from the UV ultra-violet (VIS) visible to (IR) Infrared.

Colour Filters

Optical colour glass filter information including Longpass, Shortpass, Bandpass filters in the UV to IR wavelengths.

Technical Glass

Scientific, industrial and commercial sheet glasses, including float glasses, micro sheet and coated glass.