Schott and Hoya Colour Glass Filters

Colour Glass Filters are optical filters made from a glass substrate material (usually Schott or Hoya) which is injected with a dye to achieve a specified colour.

Colour glass filters are used in chemical, forensic, medical and pharmaceutical applications as well as across industrial research and development.

The precise degree of light transmission or absorption in colour glass filters is determined by the specification of substrate material thickness and by the density of colour used. Filter glass can be manufactured in different thicknesses for varied filter effects. Additional filter effects can be achieved by combining different filters.

UQG Optics supplies colour glass filters of the longpass, shortpass or bandpass variety, in a range of colours for different spectral transmitting or absorbing performance.

All our colour glass filters are manufactured for high stability and durability and are available from stock or to custom specifications.

Please contact UQG Optics for your custom Colour Glass Filters requirements or view our stock range.