Cyber Essentials Certified

UQG Optics is Cyber Essentials certified

To demonstrate our commitment to securing our IT systems against cyber-attack, UQG Optics is Cyber Essentials certified.

This means that customers, contacts and partners of UQG Optics can be assured that we take online security very seriously and have cyber security measures in place to protect you and your data against malware, phishing, ransomware and other attacks.

What does Cyber Essentials certification mean?

Cyber Essentials certification is an independently verified assessment that consists of 70 questions covering five key elements of cyber security:

  • Firewalls: we have firewalls in place to prevent external security threats from gaining access to our systems
  • Secure configuration: our network and computers are securely configured to minimise vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorised access
  • User access control: access to data and services is strictly controlled and reviewed regularly
  • Malware protection: UQG’s systems are secured with malware protection and virus removal software to prevent attack
  • Patch management: UQG’s software and systems are patched and updated regularly to eliminate the risk of vulnerabilities.

We regularly review our security systems and management to ensure that our data and that of our customers are protected as far as possible against online threats.