Precision Optics for Laboratories

Laboratory glass, slide and plate products are made for use by scientific research laboratories in a range of microscopy and scientific applications.

We supply high quality float glass and Borosilicate materials which are widely used for cover slips and microscope slides.

Many microscopes in laboratory research and experiments require additional types of materials for UV microscopy where enhanced UV transparency is required, such as fluorescence microscopy. Quartz and Fused Silica are used for UV radiation transparency or microscopy applications to reduce signal loss due to absorption. These materials can also be used in high temperature conditions of up to 1250°C.
UQG Optics supplies microscope slides and coverslips in a range of optical, UV and IR materials. These include Quartz, UV Fused Silica, Sapphire, Caf2, Borosilicate and optical glasses. Additional ITO coatings are applied to the surfaces for special applications.

The size and performance of these components makes them ideal for use in OEM instrument production as well as in the laboratory.
Our microscope slides and coverslips are supplied from stock and can also be custom-made to specific designs.

Laboratory Range