Technical Glasses

Technical optical glasses

Technical glass materials and substrates define optical glass and commercial grade quality surfaces which are produced by float or drawn processes and commercial polishing of the glass.

Good quality surfaces can nonetheless be achieved without optical polishing of the glass, which is a more cost-effective solution when precision surfaces are not required and where tolerances may be relaxed.

Technical Glasses are generally used in scientific and pharmaceuticals laboratory applications, in optoelectronics and in consumer products technology. Specific applications include touch screens, display panels, cover glasses, safety windows, 3D printers, instrument windows, wafers, substrates, view ports, coverslips and microscope slides.

Glasses may be produced using different manufacturing processes to achieve a wide range of compositional ranges and finishes and can be polished, etched, ground, AR coated, laminated, toughened and screen printed.

The materials used in our Technical Glasses include borosilicate, float glasses, low iron glass, ceramic glasses and toughened glass. As these are sheet glasses they are produced in large sizes and a range of standard thicknesses.

UQG Optics technical glass products are made to a custom design or supplied from our stock range.