Schott Filters

Posted by  | 27th March 2022  | Optical Products

Schott Filters

Schott Filters are optical glass filters made from high quality, optically polished Schott coloured optical glass.

Schott filters are widely used in a range of technical, scientific and research applications. They are available as long-pass filters for the attenuation of shorter wavelengths and transmission of longer wavelengths across the UV, visible or IR spectrum. Schott filters are also used as band-pass filters which transmit certain frequency ranges and attenuate frequencies outside that specific range.

UQG Optics supplies Schott filters in a wide range of colours including combinations of blue, blue-green, orange, red and black. We also supply colourless as well as near-colourless Schott filters, depending on different transmission or attenuation requirements in the UV, visible and IR ranges.

A range of thicknesses, shapes and diameters can be supplied to your exact specifications with fast turnaround, depending on requirements.

Please contact UQG Optics for your custom Schott filters requirements or view our stock range: