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Technical Glasses with no Optical Coating

The Importance of Optical Coatings in Defence & Aerospace Pt. 1

In part 1 of our optical coatings series, we review the importance of optical coatings for modern industries across aerospace and defence.

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Optical Coatings on technical glasses

Optical Coatings: The Latest Developments and Future Trends

We review the cutting-edge advancements in optical coatings and how they are driving innovation in optical applications.

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Micro Dicing Substrates

Optical Services Focus: Glass Dicing

Glass dicing – or micro dicing – is used in the production of a wide range of optical components playing a key role in the optics sector.

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Optical filters

What to look for in an optical components company: Part 2

Here we discuss and conclude the most important factors that buyers should think about when purchasing optical components from an optics provider.

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Lab technician showing customer precision cut optical material

Key factors to look for in an optical components supplier: Part 1

This article is the first of two covering a range of factors that buyers of optical components should look for in an optics company.

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Optical Glass Polishing Lapping Banner

Optical Services: Optical Polishing & Lapping

Optical lapping and polishing are finishing techniques offered by manufacturers of precision optical components such as windows, lenses, glasses and other products to meet certain optical surface requirements. Learn more.

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optical services

Optical Services: Micro Dicing

Micro dicing is an optical component and substrate cutting service that custom optics can provide alongside other custom optics services such as optical assembly, glass polishing and lapping, glass grinding and cutting and custom optical coatings.

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