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shipping port indicating supply chain

How are Modern Supply Chains Disrupting OEMs?

Supply chains disrupting OEMs can be traced back to several global factors that have culminated to cause widespread disruption.

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Kelvin Biggs

An Interview with Kelvin Biggs, MD of UQG Optics

An interview Optical expert with Kelvin Biggs, we discuss optical components, materials and gain insights into industrial optics.

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certified symbol

Importance of Certified Accreditations for Optical Components Buyers

Quality accreditations and professional certifications give optical components buyers reassurance a supplier is a reliable, expert authority.

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Cyber essentials accredition

UQG Optics is Cyber Essentials certified.

To demonstrate our commitment to securing our IT systems against cyber-attack, UQG Optics is Cyber Essentials certified.

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Optical filters

What to look for in an optical components company: Part 2

Here we discuss and conclude the most important factors that buyers should think about when purchasing optical components from an optics provider.

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Lab technician showing customer precision cut optical material

Key factors to look for in an optical components supplier: Part 1

This article is the first of two covering a range of factors that buyers of optical components should look for in an optics company.

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Meet the team: Hayley

Hayley Cattini looks after the HR and admin here. She plays a huge role in helping to keep everything running smoothly at UQG Optics.

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Ray Harris

Meet the team: Ray

Ray Harris is one of the longest serving and most experienced employees at UQG Optics and looks after our production department.

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Carolyn Dockerty

Meet the team: Carolyn Dockerty

You know the sort of person you just can’t manage without? The one who knows everything? That’s Carolyn!

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New UQG Optics Website

New Website Launch

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website, showcasing all our products, materials and services for 2020 and on.

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