Optical Mirrors

Optical Mirrors

Optical Mirrors are used in optical instruments to reflect light, which is directed by highly polished, curved or plane glass surfaces. These are treated with reflective optical coating materials such as aluminium, silver and gold.

Optical Mirror base materials are made from low expansion glasses, depending on the quality required, including Borosilicate, Float glass, BK7 (Borosilicate glass), Fused Silica and Zerodur.

All of these Optical Mirror materials can be enhanced for greater reflective properties with dielectric materials. Surface protection can be applied to ensure resistance against environmental conditions.

UQG Optics supply a range of Optical Mirrors covering the ultraviolet (UV) to far infrared (IR) spectrums. Our mirrors are typically used for illumination, interferometry, imaging, life sciences and metrology. A range of laser mirrors are optimized for precise wavelengths with increased damage thresholds for the most demanding applications.

All our Optical Mirrors can be supplied from a standard range stock for a broad range of applications. We also supply custom optical mirrors made to your specific design, diameter, curvature, thickness, surface quality and focal length specifications.