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ITO Fused Quartz Windows & Plates

UQG Optics ITO coated indium tin oxide is vacuum deposited on one side on the Fused Quartz substrate which is a highly conductive transparent coating. When the ITO coating has been exposed to thermal cycling and salt spray it has shown no reduction in optical performance or damage to the ITO coating. The transmission will peak to 87% @ 525-600nm wave range on 20 ohm/sq coating. For higher transmission the ITO can be index matched with multilayer AR coatings. The Fused Quartz or Fused Silica windows can be supplied ITO coated up to 1 metre square in a range of sheet resistance from 2.50 to 1500 ohm/sq. Used in science and industry for many applications.

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Dimensions: Diameters 5mm to 150mm
Squares/Rectangles 1mm x 1mm to 150mm x 150mm
Thickness Range: 0.1mm to 6mm
Coating Options: Additional standard resistivity's & AR coatings
Material Options: Fused Silica & Sapphire

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Heraeus Quartz HOQ310
Dimension Tolerance:
+0.00/ -0.10mm
Thickness Tolerance:
Edge Finish:
Fine ground
Surface Quality:
40/20 Scratch/Dig
Surface Flatness:
3-5 Fringes (@633nm)
≤ 5 Arc mins
ITO coating one side
Resistivity 8-12 ohms
ITO Thickness 200nm

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WPI-2510 PDF ITO Coated Fused Quartz Ø 251 £38.00
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ITO Coated Fused Quartz

PDF Data sheet

Diameter (mm) Ø 25

Thickness (mm) 1


£38.00 Inc. VAT