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MATERIAL: Float glass 1.10 coated IRC-09    DESAG D263T 0.55 coated IRC-09
DIMENSION TOLERANCE: Diameters +0.00/-0.20mm squares:±0.20mm
THICKNESS TOLERANCE: 1.10 ±0.10mm    0.55 ±0.05mm
EDGES: Diameters ground squares as cut/bevelled
SPECTRAL DATA: VIS Transmission 420-620nm Tmin.>85% Tavg.>90%
IR reflection 700-1000nm Tmax<3%
1000-1100nm Tmax<5%
Transmission 50% @ 645nm(±10nm)
Broadband AR Coated both sides
Angle of Incidence:

DIMENSIONS: Squares/Rectangles 1mm x 1mm to 300mm x 300mm   
                         Diameters 5mm to 400mm  
THICKNESS:   0.30mm to 2.00mm (subject to dimension)

Part No. Data
Description Thickness
Unit Price
(1-10) in
ICF-0501 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.1Ø5 £14.00 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-1010 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.1Ø10 £12.00 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-1251 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.1Ø12.50 £13.55 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-1510 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.1Ø15 £15.90 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-2010 pdf IR Cut Off Filter 1.1Ø20 £20.00 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-2510 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.1Ø 25 £20.40 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-5001 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.1Ø50 £34.90 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-0551 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.15 x 5 £8.45 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-1011 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.110 x 10 £10.90 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-1212 pdf IR Cut Off Filter 1.112 x 12 £12.45 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-1515 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.115 x 15 £13.90 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-2521 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.125 x 25 £17.90 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-5030 IR-Cut Off Filter 0.3050 x 50 £54.00 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-5055 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 0.5550 x 50 £31.90 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-1001 pdf IR Cut Off Filter 1.1100 x 100 £115.00 Buy Add To Quote
ICF-5051 pdf IR-Cut Off Filter 1.150 x 50 £34.00 Buy Add To Quote