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Sapphire Windows & Plates Random Orientation Stock

UQG Sapphire Windows and Plates

Sapphire Optical windows and plates are flat components which are placed in a range of devices and systems with the purpose of transmitting the specific wavelength of light required by the application in question

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Optical Glass Polishing Lapping Banner

Optical Services: Optical Polishing & Lapping

Optical lapping and polishing are finishing techniques offered by manufacturers of precision optical components such as windows, lenses, glasses and other products to meet certain optical surface requirements. Learn more.

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BK7 Windows Custom

Part 2: Optical Windows

In this second part of our two articles on these widely used optical components, we look at substrate options and review a range of specific custom options.

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Borosilicate Windows and Plates Optical Custom

Part 1: Optical Windows

In this first of our two articles on these widely used optical components, we look at the key properties of Optical Windows as well as their use in a huge range of scientific, medical, defence and industrial sectors and applications.

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Custom Optics - Sawing

Custom Optics

Custom optics are needed by scientific and industrial companies involved in the design and manufacturing of bespoke optical systems, equipment and instrumentation.

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Meet the team: Hayley

Hayley Cattini looks after the HR and admin here. She plays a huge role in helping to keep everything running smoothly at UQG Optics.

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Optical Filter

Optical filters are used by many manufacturers of scientific instruments, engineering, research and development and equipment around the world. All our optical filters can be supplied from a standard range stock, while custom sizes and specifications can be custom-made to your specific design.

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optical services

Optical Services: Micro Dicing

Micro dicing is an optical component and substrate cutting service that custom optics can provide alongside other custom optics services such as optical assembly, glass polishing and lapping, glass grinding and cutting and custom optical coatings.

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Ray Harris

Meet the team: Ray

Ray Harris is one of the longest serving and most experienced employees at UQG Optics and looks after our production department.

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Sapphire Windows & Plates - Random Orientation Custom

Material Focus: Sapphire

Sapphire is an extremely hard crystal and the hardest oxide material, offering excellent structural properties and resistance to scratching. As an optical material, sapphire provides excellent thermal conductivity even at low temperatures.

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