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Lead Glass Windows
UQG custom made x-ray protection lead glass windows act as a protection barrier to harmful rays. Widely used in vacuum systems and sensitive instruments. They are an excellent radiation shielding glass.

Our custom made lead glass windows are manufactured in circular windows or plates in two grades of surface finish, either optically polished for increased flatness or thickness tolerance and from standard polished sheet materials.

We hold stocks of standard thicknesses supplying small and production quantities.

Lead glass windows (optically polished)

Specifications – Standard
datasheet - Lead Glass view stock
Material: Lead Glass (RWB46) Med-X™
Diameter: +0.00/-0.20mm
Surfaces: 60/40
Thickness: +/- 0.10mm
Edges: Fine Ground
Flatness: ≤ 5 Fringes
Parallelism: ≤ 3 Arc Mins.


Custom Made & Options
Diameters (Optical): 5mm to 200mm
Squares/Rectangles (Optical): 10mm to 200mm (Plate finish) up to 1000mm
Thickness: 3mm to 16mm
Plate finish thickness:5-6.50mm, 7-8.50mm, 8.50-10mm or 11-13mm
Diameter/Thickness: to 0.02mm
Surfaces: 40/20 to 80/50
Coatings: See coatings sections


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