IPL Glass Block Crystals

UQG Optics IPL Glass Blocks (Intense Pulsed Light) are made in the material of Schott N-BK7 and light is transmitted at a certain wavelength through the glass making it safe for the skin. The IPL Glass block crystals have polished optical faces to protect the skin when used in laser beauty equipment, for treatments such as hair removal, vascular therapy and skin rejuvenation.

UQG Optics stock standard sizes and custom options to coat with bandpass filter coatings and AR coatings. The crystal blocks can be custom made in Fused Silica, Quartz and Sapphire.

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Dimensions: Up to 150mm x 150mm
Thickness Range: Up to 50mm
Surfaces: Scratch dig 80/50 or 20/10
Material Options: Schott® N-BK7, Fused Silica, Quartz & Sapphire
Coating Options: Bandpass filter coatings & AR coatings
Options: Angles ground, radiuses & bevels

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IPL Glass Block Crystals Stock
Schott® N-BK7
Dimension Tolerance:
Thickness Tolerance:
Edge Finish:
All polished
Surface Quality:
40/20 Scratch/Dig
One side R=20mm

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IGB-510 PDF Glass Block Crystal - Radius 20mm 47.80 x 4210 £19.00
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Glass Block Crystal – Radius 20mm

PDF Data sheet

Thickness (mm) 10

Dimensions (mm) 47.80 x 42


£19.00 Inc. VAT