Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows are optical windows made of synthetic sapphire, used for its extreme hardness, dielectric properties and structural strength.

Sapphire Windows are used widely in the UV, visible, and near infra-red bandwidth ranges and offer properties such as extreme surface hardness, acid, alkali and other chemical durability and scratch resistance.

They additionally provide high strength and temperature resistance characteristics as well as excellent transmission.

Because synthetic sapphire is one of the hardest materials used in optical component systems, Sapphire Windows can be manufactured to much thinner specifications than most other optical windows, whilst also improving optical transmission performance.

In terms of application, Sapphire Windows are used as viewports in demanding optical assemblies, instruments and components such as lasers.

Also, due to their thermal stability properties, Sapphire Windows are also widely used in optical instrumentation and equipment deployed in harsh environmental conditions where extreme temperatures, pressures, moisture, chemical or other conditions must not impact on optical performance.

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