Optical Diffusers are specialised optical components designed to scatter light evenly across a surface, creating a uniform illumination without hotspots or glare.

They are used in various applications across industries such as laboratories, medical, military, and industrial sectors.

These diffusers are typically made from materials like ground glass, opal glass, or engineered plastics, and can be designed with specific microstructures or surface finishes to achieve the desired diffusion characteristics. Optical Diffusers are essential in applications like imaging systems, spectroscopy, and lighting systems, where homogeneous light distribution is required to ensure accurate results and minimise artefacts.

At UQG Optics, we offer a comprehensive range of Optical Diffusers to suit diverse requirements, including holographic, engineered, and ground glass diffusers. We also provide custom diffusers tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance in your optical systems.

Please contact UQG Optics for your custom Optical Diffusers requirements or browse our extensive stock range to find the perfect solution for your application.