Plastic Lenses

UQG Optics plastic lenses provide excellent optical properties including high transparency, low birefringence, low water absorption and excellent optical stability after heat and humidity exposure. Not as robust as glass they do provide a cheaper and lighter alternative and made in various materials including Acrylic, Polycarbonate or Zeonnex (COC).

The moulded optical plastic lenses are used in many applications, useful for being lightweight and low cost they are currently supplied for military night vision goggles. Other moulded products include optical & technical items such as luminaire covers, prisms and instrument cluster covers. We can provide low cost tooling for production quantities and a range AR optical coatings.

UQG optics Plastic Lenses standard stock range will increase in the future & our custom range has an extensive range of product and coating options.

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Dimensions: Diameters 2mm to 150mm Tolerance up to +0.00/-0.02mm
Thickness: 1mm to 35mm Tolerance up to ±0.05mm
Surface Quality: Up to 4 to 6 microns from design
Material Options: PMMA (acrylic), Polycarbonate, Zeonex (COC) & coloured plastic
Product Options: Spherical, conic, aspheric, free form, cylindrical surfaces, toroidal, flats & prisms. Single cavity tooling & low cost moulding tooling
Coating Options: BBAR Ravg < 1% 400-700nm, AR coatings to add scratch resistance & hydrophobic overcoats

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Plastic Lenses Stock
Injection Moulded PMMA
Dimension Tolerance:
± 0.10mm
Thickness Centre to Tolerance:
± 0.10mm
Surface Quality:
60/40 Scratch/Dig
≤ 5 arc mins

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Description Diameter (mm)Focal Length (mm)Thickness (mm) Unit price
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LPA-2620C PDF Aspheric/PMMA Lens AR Ø 26.20206.08 C/T £15.00
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Part Number


Aspheric/PMMA Lens AR

PDF Data sheet

Diameter (mm) Ø 26.20

Thickness (mm) 6.08 C/T

Focal Length (mm) 20


£15.00 Inc. VAT