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Optical Filters

The Vital Role of Optical Filters in the Medical Industry

Optical filters plays a pivotal role, enabling precise and accurate imaging across a spectrum of medical applications.

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Image showing neurological scan with clear resolution EDIT

Optical Filters in Medical Imaging: Enhancing Contrast and Resolution for Accurate Diagnoses

Optical filters have the ability to improve the accuracy of diagnostics by enhancing the two most important aspects of medical imaging: contrast and resolution.

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Microscopy Camera lens

The Importance of Optical Coatings in Healthcare & Consumer Goods Pt. 2

In part 2 of optical coating series, discover how optical coatings have led to groundbreaking advancements in medical technology and consumer products.

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Technical Glasses with no Optical Coating

The Importance of Optical Coatings in Defence & Aerospace Pt. 1

In part 1 of our optical coatings series, we review the importance of optical coatings for modern industries across aerospace and defence.

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Optical Coatings on technical glasses

Optical Coatings: The Latest Developments and Future Trends

We review the cutting-edge advancements in optical coatings and how they are driving innovation in optical applications.

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Solar Farm with grey skyish

Optical Materials for Renewable Energy Applications

We discuss the applications and benefits of optical materials and how important they are in advancing renewable energy technology.

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Microscopy and coverslips for optical applications

How is Microscopy Benefiting from Modern Precision Optics?

We explore the latest advances in modern precision optics and how they are benefiting microscopy push the boundaries of scientific research.

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Optical Prisms

The Benefits of Using Optical Prisms in Imaging Systems

We explore the benefits of using optical prisms in imaging systems, the different types of prisms available, and how to select the right prism for a given application.

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Borosilicate Windows and Plates

Material Focus: Borosilicate Glass

We delve deeper into the subject of borosilicate glass, discuss its pivotal role in optical components and cover some FAQs on this remarkable material.

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IR Fused Quartz Windows & Plates Custom

Product Focus: Fused Silica Vs Fused Quartz

Fused Silica and Fused Quartz are amongst some of the most popular optical materials. What are the similarities and benefits between the two?

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Sapphire Windows - AR Coated Custom

The Key Differences between Sapphire Windows & Plates

Sapphire windows and plates can be utilised in a wide range of optical components, we review the key benefits and differences between them.

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BK7 Plano Convex & Bi Vex Lenses Custom

How Optical Lenses are used in Precision Applications

Optical lenses can be used for a variety of precision applications in the science, medical, imaging, defence and industrial sectors.

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SPIE Photonex 2022

SPIE Photonex Exhibition 2022

We recently attended the SPIE Photonex 2022 exhibition, the UK’s leading annual conference for optics and photonics.

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Optical Components in Aerospace

The Potential of Optical Components in Aerospace and Defence

Optical Components in Aerospace and Defence are made to the highest quality and strictest tolerances and are used in a range of applications.

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shipping port indicating supply chain

How are Modern Supply Chains Disrupting OEMs?

Supply chains disrupting OEMs can be traced back to several global factors that have culminated to cause widespread disruption.

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Mounted UV IR Blocking Filters Custom

Product Focus: Optical Filters

Optical Filters can be designed and manufactured to either limit the spectrum of light or allow it to transmit for specific applications.

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optics in motorsports

What’s Driving the Latest Optical Technology in Motorsports?

We dive into how optical components in motorsports are helping to fuel important technological advancements within performance and entertainment.

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Infrared Light

How Infrared (IR) Technology has Developed in the Last 10 years

Over the past decade it is possible to pick out many examples of how IR technology has advanced in its’ own right

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Micro Dicing Substrates

Optical Services Focus: Glass Dicing

Glass dicing – or micro dicing – is used in the production of a wide range of optical components playing a key role in the optics sector.

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UV Coverslips Custom

Spotlight On Microscope Slides and Coverslips

Laboratories need precision microscope slides and coverslips for a wide range of uses, ranging from optical microscopy to cytology.

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