Mounted UV IR Blocking Filters Custom

Product Focus: Optical Filters

Optical Filters can be designed and manufactured to either limit the spectrum of light or allow it to transmit for specific applications.

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optics in motorsports

What’s driving the latest optical technology in motorsports?

We dive into how optical components in motorsports are helping to fuel important technological advancements within performance and entertainment.

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Infrared Light

How infrared (IR) technology has developed in the last 10 years

Over the past decade it is possible to pick out many examples of how IR technology has advanced in its’ own right

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Micro Dicing Substrates

Optical Services Focus: Glass Dicing

Glass dicing – or micro dicing – is used in the production of a wide range of optical components playing a key role in the optics sector.

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UV Coverslips Custom

Spotlight On Microscope Slides and Coverslips

Laboratories need precision microscope slides and coverslips for a wide range of uses, ranging from optical microscopy to cytology.

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Kelvin Biggs

An Interview with Kelvin Biggs, MD of UQG Optics

An interview Optical expert with Kelvin Biggs, we discuss optical components, materials and gain insights into industrial optics.

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Schott Filters

Schott Filters

Schott filters are optical glass filters made from high quality, optically polished Schott coloured optical glass.

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certified symbol

Importance of certified accreditations for optical components buyers

Quality accreditations and professional certifications give optical components buyers reassurance a supplier is a reliable, expert authority.

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Fused Quartz Crystals

Materials Focus: Fused Quartz

Fused quartz is made by melting naturally occurring quartz crystals, one of the most abundant naturally occurring minerals on the planet.

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Spotlight on Technical Glasses

Technical glasses are used in highly specialised applications in the scientific, pharmaceutical and optoelectronics sectors.

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Germanium Windows

Germanium Windows: Uses, Properties, Options and Coatings

Germanium is a heavy, highly brittle substance with a silver-grey-white appearance and a diamond-like, crystalline structure ideal for optical systems.

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Optical filters

What to look for in an optical components company: Part 2

Here we discuss and conclude the most important factors that buyers should think about when purchasing optical components from an optics provider.

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Lab technician showing customer precision cut optical material

Key factors to look for in an optical components supplier: Part 1

This article is the first of two covering a range of factors that buyers of optical components should look for in an optics company.

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Calcium Fluoride Microscope Slides Stock

Material Focus: Calcium Fluoride

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is a naturally occurring optical substance with a unique range of propertie

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Sapphire Windows & Plates Random Orientation Stock

UQG Sapphire Windows and Plates

Sapphire Optical windows and plates are flat components which are placed in a range of devices and systems with the purpose of transmitting the specific wavelength of light required by the application in question

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Optical Prisms Information

Product Focus: Optical Prisms

Optical prisms are designed and manufactured with the aim of steering, bending, dispersing and shifting light in order to manipulate images.

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BK7 Plano Convex & Bi Vex Lenses Stock

Product Focus: Optical Lenses

Optical lenses are designed and crafted with the aim of being able to focus or diverge light. Learn more about this product.

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Optical Glass Polishing Lapping Banner

Optical Services: Optical Polishing & Lapping

Optical lapping and polishing are finishing techniques offered by manufacturers of precision optical components such as windows, lenses, glasses and other products to meet certain optical surface requirements. Learn more.

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BK7 Windows Custom

Part 2: Optical Windows

In this second part of our two articles on these widely used optical components, we look at substrate options and review a range of specific custom options.

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Borosilicate Windows and Plates Optical Custom

Part 1: Optical Windows

In this first of our two articles on these widely used optical components, we look at the key properties of Optical Windows as well as their use in a huge range of scientific, medical, defence and industrial sectors and applications.

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