Optical Prisms

Optical Prisms

Optical Prisms are used to disperse, bend and deviate a beam of light at a specific angle by reflecting it off one or more surfaces.

The primary benefit of Optical Prisms is their ability to deviate light without the need for mirrors or reflectors. Prisms can be made in optical glasses, crystal glasses and plastics which are ground and polished to according to the application and desired effect.

In imaging applications Optical Prisms can be used for deviation, displacement and rotation of light. Dispersion prisms are only made for dispersing light and used only when quality images are not required.

UQG Optics offers a wide range of stock and custom-made prisms including Penta, Equilateral, Dispersing, Rhomboid, Wedge, Dove, Amici roof, Corner Cube, Homogenizing and Right Angle. Materials from UV to IR can be used to produce the effect for a particular wavelength.

The applications of our prisms for optical instruments and systems include interferometry, laser, scientific instruments, microscopes, range finders, beam steering and pattern recognition.