Windows are a diverse subcategory of optical components found within the Optical Windows parent category.

Our optical windows encompass a wide range of products and materials designed to meet the specific needs of various applications across industries, including laboratories, medical, military and industrial sectors.

This subcategory includes products such as AR Coated Thin Glass, BK7 Windows, Borosilicate Windows and Plates, Coating Witness Pieces, Flow Plates, IPL Glass Block Crystals, Lead Glass Windows and Plates, Optical Domes, and Step Windows. Each of these products offers unique properties and benefits, such as anti-reflective coatings, high transmission, thermal stability, or radiation shielding.

Windows are crucial components in optical systems, serving various purposes from protecting sensitive elements to transmitting or reflecting specific wavelengths of light. They are used in a wide array of applications, including imaging systems, spectroscopy, laser systems, and optical instrumentation.

UQG Optics offers an extensive selection of stock Windows and custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact us for your bespoke Windows needs, or browse our stock range to find the perfect solution for your application.