Schott BG42

Schott BG42 is a specialized optical filter known for its excellent transmission of ultraviolet (UV) light, specifically in the range of approximately 290 to 420 nanometers.

This filter efficiently passes UV radiation while effectively blocking visible and infrared (IR) light outside its designated range. BG42 is widely used in applications such as fluorescence microscopy, UV photography, and UV analysis, where precise UV light management is essential. Its high-quality construction by Schott ensures consistent and reliable optical performance, making it a valuable component in UV-sensitive optical systems. Researchers, scientists, and professionals across various industries benefit from Schott BG42’s ability to filter out unwanted wavelengths and focus on studying and harnessing the unique properties of UV light. Whether it’s in medical research, environmental monitoring, or industrial applications, Schott BG42 plays a critical role in enabling accurate and reliable UV measurements and imaging.

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