Optical Assembly Services

Optical Assembly

Assembly of optical components and materials

UQG Optics offers an optical assembly service on all components we supply, as well as on customer-supplied materials and components. We can supply the complete product, source on your behalf or set up a supply chain with your supplier. Prototype and one-off projects are undertaken as well as batch and low volume production runs. Most assembly work production is bench-based and ranges from simple labelling/identification of products to complex bonding of several glass components. Our clean room is filtered and equipped with lamiflow booths, from which we can also supply dust-free packaged components.

Optical Assembly Components

Typical optical component assembly work includes:

  • Bonding glasses & filters into wheels
  • Laminating glasses & filters
  • Product labelling & identification
  • Gluing glass to glass components
  • Mounting in screw mounts and holders
  • Gluing glass to metal assemblies
  • Press fitting glass lenses into housings.

Industries supplied include:

Instrumentation, Scientific, Medical, Electronic, Photographic, Imaging and Laser.

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