UQG Optics is based in the heart of the Cambridge Scientific community. With over 65 years supplying high quality Optics, Optical Components and Technical Glasses to Science and Industry.

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Optical Components & Glasses

UQG Optics is an independent UK optical company, supplying custom made optical components and a standard stock range. Supplied in OEM/Production, batch runs and R&D quantities. We have an in-house manufacturing facility and a team sourcing optical products from certified suppliers around the world, delivering high quality competitive products.

All products supplied are certified and fully inspected by our quality control and metrology department.

We supply globally, direct to over 50 countries from our site in Cambridge in the UK. Please contact our sales team who will offer you a rapid response to your enquiries, as well as free technical advice.

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Optical Components

Precision custom optics for your specific design needs. Whether for R&D projects or OEMs, our optical engineers provide world-class expertise with a collaborative approach. We provide custom optical solutions across optical windows, filters, lenses, prisms, and technical glasses.

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Optical Services and Capabilities 

UQG have extensive production capabilities offering a range of services to our customers optical components, materials and glasses.


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