Schott BG60

Schott BG60 is an advanced optical filter designed for near-infrared (NIR) applications.

With a high transmission range in the near-infrared spectrum, from approximately 600 to 1050 nanometers, BG60 effectively blocks visible and ultraviolet (UV) light outside this range. This characteristic makes it ideal for applications that require precise control and manipulation of NIR radiation while minimizing interference from other wavelengths. BG60 is commonly used in various fields such as remote sensing, industrial imaging, and scientific research, where accurate NIR measurements are crucial for analysis and data acquisition. Its reliable performance and consistent optical properties, typical of Schott materials, make it a valuable tool for researchers, engineers, and professionals working with NIR-sensitive optical systems. By leveraging the filtering capabilities of Schott BG60, practitioners in diverse industries can obtain accurate and dependable results in their NIR-related projects, enabling advancements in spectroscopy, environmental monitoring, and non-destructive testing, among other applications.

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