Schott BG40

Schott BG40 is a specialised optical filter designed to transmit ultraviolet (UV) light while blocking unwanted visible and infrared (IR) radiation.

With a transmission range that extends from around 280 to 400 nanometers, BG40 efficiently allows UV light to pass through, making it suitable for various applications in fluorescence microscopy, ultraviolet photography, and UV curing processes. This optical filter exhibits exceptional blocking capabilities for wavelengths outside its transmission range, ensuring accurate and reliable UV imaging and measurements. Its high-quality manufacturing by Schott ensures consistent and precise optical performance. As a key component in UV-sensitive optical systems, Schott BG40 contributes significantly to scientific research, medical diagnostics, and other industries where precise UV light management is critical. Its reliable performance and versatility make it an essential tool for exploring and harnessing the unique properties of ultraviolet light.

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