UQG Optics

UQG have extensive production capabilities offering a range of services to our optical components and glasses. Processing our customers materials and components.
Our production team can handle R+D/Prototypes to production quantities. Undertaking one off jobs to contract weekly/monthly call offs.

Precision micro dicing optical filters, substrates and components.

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Optical & glass fabrication of optical materials, glasses and components.

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Double and single sided lapping of components, small metals/alloys, materials and glasses to tight tolerances.

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Polishing of optical materials, components and glasses using a range of polishing technologies.

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Vacuum deposited thin film coatings for the UV – visible and infrared.

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Contract assembly of optical components and glasses into housing, mounts and holders. 
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UQG also offer additional services:

  • Toughening
  • Screen Printing
  • Flame Fusing Glass to Glass
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning 
Looking for any of these services? Talk to our sales team who will assist you with your requirements.