UQG Optics

Optical Polishing
Our optical polishing department operates a range of polishing machines to accommodate many polishing requirements. We have the latest technology in double sided planetary polishing, using 3 ways drive machines producing high volume rates. When laser quality finish is required we use our single sided machines polishing up to lambda 10 flatness.

A large amount of contract polish work is under taken using customer supplied materials.

Typical work of component polishing include:
  • Re polishing of damaged surfaces
  • Polishing of edges round or square
  • Flame polishing rods and tubes
  • Optical polishing of light guides
  • Glass to metal assembly’s
Optical Glass, Fused Quartz, Fused Silica, Borosilicate, Float Glass, Filter Glass, Silicon, Germanium and many more.
Double Sided Planetary Polishing
Dimensions: 3mm dia to 300mm dia
Thickness: 0.50mm to 25mm thick (Tolerance to ± .01)
Flatness: To 1 Lambda
Parallelism: To < 10 arc seconds
Surface Quality: 40/20, 60/40, 80/50

Sizes over 300mm dia we use our range of single sided machines, polishing up to 500mm dia.

For further information please contact us with your polishing requirements.