UQG Optics

Optical Coatings
UQG optical coating service provides a broad range of coating options that are applied to our range of optical components and glasses. The range of coatings available includes the UV to IR region.

Anti reflection coatings are used to improve the transmission of the transmitted light and improve the contrast of the image. An uncoated glass surface has surface reflection of approximately 4% per surface, AR coating will reduce this to as low as 0.20%.
Options (400-700nm)
  • Single layer MgF2 R= < 1.5% per side
  • Multi layer R= < 0.5%
  • V Coat R= < 0.25% @ specified wavelength
  • Dual wavelength (eg. 532nm + 633nm)
AR coatings for the UV (eg. 254nm) and IR (eg. 1064nm).

Please contact us for further information.

Aluminium and metal coatings for reflection of images and light.
  • Aluminium – protected SiO R= 85% - 94% @ 550nm
  • Aluminium UV protected MgF² for use in the UV
  • Gold protected for the IR

Additional custom optical coatings supplied include:
Metallic nd filters – Reflective neutral density filters for the UV to IR stock click to view stock
Beamsplitters – Cube, polka-dot, plate, 50/50 Fused Silica and colour
Hot Mirrors – Shortpass Filter reflecting the IR and transmitting the visible  click to view stock
Cold Mirrors – Reflecting the visible light while passing the IR  click to view stock
Dichroic Colour Filters – Addition and subtractive  click to view stock
ITO – Electronically conductive for electrical conductivity and anti-static  click to view stock
UV Blocking – Blocking ultraviolet radiation transmitting the visible region  click to view stock
IR Cut off – Blocking infrared transmission while passing the visible region  click to view stock
Colour Separating - Beamsplitter Mirrors sharp separation of transmitted and reflective regions  click to view stock
Colour Correction – For tungsten and daylight conversion to change colour temperature

Please send your coating specifications for a quotation.