UQG Optics

The UQG assembly department offers assembly of our optical components and customer supplied materials and components. We can supply the complete product, source on your behalf or set up a supply chain with your supplier. Prototype and one off projects are undertaken to batch runs and low volume production. The majority of our production is focused on bench work assembly from simple labelling/identification of products to complex bonding of several glass components.

Our typical work includes:
  • Bonding glasses & filters into wheels
  • Laminating glasses & filters
  • Product labelling & identification
  • Gluing & fusing glass to glass components
  • Mounting in screw mounts and holders
  • Fusing glass to glass components
  • Gluing glass to metal assembly’s

Industries supplied include: Instrumentation, scientific, medical, electronic, photographic, imaging and laser.

If you are looking to out source your assembly, please contact our sales team who will advise you on your next move.