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Toughened Glass Windows
UQG custom made toughened glass windows are produced by subjecting annealed glass to a process of heating and rapid cooling which produces high compression in the surface. It’s mechanical strength can be increased by as much as four to five times that of its equivalent thickness of annealed glass.

We have 2 processes for toughening, heat treatment and chemical toughening for thinner glasses.

UQG custom range of toughened circular windows and plates are manufactured in standard Sodalime float glasses, Borosilicate and technical glasses.

We supply small and production quantities made to British Standards

Specifications – Standard
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Material: Float Glass
Toughened To BS3463
Diameter: + 0.00/-0.20mm
Thickness: ± 0.20mm
Edges: Ground
Surfaces: 80/50


Custom Sizes & Options
Diameters: 15mm to 550mm
Squares/Rectangles: 15mm to 550mm
Thickness: 4mm to 19mm
Edges: As cut/bevelled, ground or polished


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