UQG Optics

Optical Glass Windows
UQG Optical Glass windows and plano paralleled polished substrates are custom made from hundreds of types of optical glass materials. These glass windows are used for the UV and visible spectrum allowing high transmission through the windows. Useful for protecting sensitive equipment and having a wide refractive index range. Used in scientific, laser and medical instrumentation they are made in small and production quantities.

Optical Glass Materials processed include:
  • High/low ref index glass
  • Crown Glass
  • Flint Glass
  • Sealing Glass (Kovar)
  • Radiation resistance glass
  • Non-Browning glass
  • Doped glass
We supply Optical Glass windows from materials made by
  • Schott Optical Glass
  • Pilkington Optical Glass
  • Ohara Optical Glass
  • Corning Optical Glass

Specifications – Standard datasheet view stock
Material: Optical Glass
Surfaces: 60/40
Diameter Toleance: +0.00/-0.20mm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.10mm
Flatness: ≤ 5 fringes
Edges: Fine Ground
Parallelism: ≤ 3 arc minutes
Coatings: AR Both Sides

Custom Sizes & Options
Diameters: 4mm to 200mm
Squares/Rectangles: 1mm to 165mm
Thickness: 0.10 to 50mm
Flatness: Up to 10 Fringes
Parallelism: Up to 10 seconds
Edges: Ground or polished
Diameter/Thickness: ToL to 0.02mm
Surfaces: 80/50 to 20/10
Coatings: See coatings section
Materials: All optical glasses


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