UQG Optics

Glass Diffusers
UQG custom made glass diffusers are manufactured in a range of technical glasses and optical materials in the (UV) ultraviolet, (VIS) visible and (IR) infrared regions.

Glass diffusers diffuse the incoming light and reduce directionality in the beam. Ground glasses are useful for focusing screens and weak diffusion illumination systems. It is ideal for rear projection and a variety of optical applications.

Our glass diffusers can be made to a range of surface roughness/diffusion from fine etched micron surfaces to course grit grinding or sandblasted.

Supplied in small and production quantities in a choice of glass diffusers.

Specification Standard
Material: Borosilicate  view stock
UV Fused Silica  view stock
Diffused Surfaces: Ground 35 micron
Second Surfaces: 80/50
Thickness: (UV) ± 0.10mm (Glass) +0.25/-0.00mm
Dimensions: + 0.00/-0.20mm
Edges: Fine Ground


Custom Sizes & Options
Diameters: 5mm to 800mm
Squares/Rectangles: 1150mm to 850mm
Thickness: 0.90mm to 15mm
Edges: Ground or as cut/bevelled
Dimensions/Thickness: ToL Up to 0.02mm
Diffused Surfaces: 10 –100 microns
15 grades


Flashed Opal Diffusers
UQG custom made flashed opal diffusers have one surface flashed with a white opal layer. It can produce near lambertian source, diffusing light thoroughly with a high amount of scattering lost ideal when intense diffusing is required.

Flashed opal glass sheets are stocked ready to process to custom sizes in small and production quantities.

Specification Standard
datasheet - schott view stock
Material: Flashed White Opal
Diffused Surfaces: Opal Layer
Second Surfaces: 80/50
Thickness: +/- 0.30mm
Dimensions: + 0.00/-0.20mm
Edges: Fine Ground


Custom Sizes & Options
Diameters: 2mm to 500mm
Squares/Rectangles: 2mm to 500mm
Edges: As cut/bevelled or ground


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