UQG Optics

The UQG Custom Made Optical Mirrors Range
UQG manufacture a custom range of mirrors to standard or customer supplied specifications. Our production workshops can accommodate prototype/R&D, batch runs to production quantities, widely used in a range of optical, laser and imaging applications.

Custom size range & specifications
Concave Mirrors
view stock
Diameters: 10mm to 250mm
Square/Rectangles: 10mm to 100mm
Surfaces: 80/50 to 20/10
Flatness: Up to Lambda 10


Front Surface Mirrors – Commercial
view stock
Diameters: 5mm to 1 metre
Square/Rectangles: 1mm to 1 metre
Thickness: Standard range from 1.20mm to 6mm


Plano Flat mirrors – Standard/Precision
Standard view stock
Precision view stock
Diameters: 5mm to 200mm
Square/Rectangles: 5mm to 150mm
Surfaces: 80/50 to 20/10
Flatness: Up to Lambda 10
Parallelism: Up to 10 seconds


Our mirrors are made from the following materials – Sodalime glass, BK7, Crown Glass, Quartz, Borosilicate, Zerodur and metals.

For mirror coatings see optical coatings page

For Hot Mirrors, Cold Mirrors and Colour separating – Please see optical filters menu page

Other optical mirrors supplied in custom made sizes include:
  • Eliptical mirrors – standard and precision range
  • Gold Coated plano mirrors
  • Metal mirrors – copper, silicon, aluminium, molybdenum and beryllium

For further information on these products please contact our sales team.