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Schott Colour Glass Filters
UQG manufacture Schott Colour glass filters transmitting from the optical wavelengths range above 200nm. The filter glass is manufactured in different thicknesses which multiply the number of filter effects. By combining different filters together you can achieve additional filter effects. UQG Schott filters offers an entire palette of optical glass filters with long pass characteristics cut offs from the (UV) ultraviolet to the near (IR) infrared which include Longpass, Shortpass, Bandpass and Conversion Filters.

Specifications – Standard datasheet view stock
Material: Schott ® Filter
Dimension: Ø + 0.00/-0.20mm Squares +/- 0.20mm
Thickness: ± 0.10mm
Edges: Fine Ground
Surfaces: 60/40
Parallelism: ≤ 3 Arc mins.
Flatness: Ø12.5mm ≤ 3 Fringes
Ø25mm ≤ 5 Fringes
50x50mm ≤ 8 Fringes


Diameter: 5mm to 160mm +
Squares/Rectangles: 1mm to 165mm +
Thickness: 0.50mm to 6mm  Edges: As cut/bevelled, ground or polished
Parallelism: Up to 1 minute
Flatness: Up to Lambda 4
Coatings: See coatings section

Additional filter types
Combination filters
Storage boxes
Mounts & holders
Calibration certificates
Identification labels
Transmission curves


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