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Hoya Optical Glass Filters
UQG manufacture Hoya Optical Glass Filters covering the (UV) ultraviolet to (IR) infrared regions. Our Hoya filters are made in custom sizes, standard and customer specifications. The Hoya filters are processed from standard Hoya raw tile materials, polishing to a designed dimension and thickness. Our Hoya filters are mainly supplied to scientific and imaging companies, we also have standard IR-72 Mounted Filters Stock.
You can view our complete range in our Hoya Filters data materials section which include UV transmitting, Sharp cut filters IR Transmitting, Blue filters, Green filters, Compensating filters, Contrast filters and Calibration filters.

Standard 50x50mm2 Hoya filters available (on request), generally 1 week delivery.

Specifications – Standard
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Material: Hoya® Filter Glass
Dimensions: Diameters +0.00/-0.20mm
Squares +/-0.20mm
Thickness: +/-0.20mm
Edges: Fine Ground
Surfaces: 60/40
Parallelism: ≤ 3 Arc mins.
Flatness: Ø25mm ≤ 5 Fringes
50x50mm ≤ 8 Fringes


Diameter: 4mm to 160mm
Squares/Rectangles: 1mm To 165mm
Thickness: 0.50mm to 4mm
Edges: As cut/bevelled, ground
Flatness: Up to Lambda 4
Parallelism: Up to 1 Arc min.
Coatings: See coatings section
Additional filter types
Combination Filters
Storage boxes
Mounts & holders
Calibration certificates
Identification labels
Transmission curves


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