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The UQG Custom Made Optical Filters Range
Optical Filters UV Filters – IR Filters – Visible Filters
UQG custom made optical filters are manufactured to special sizes, options, standard and customer supplied specifications. Supplying small to production quantities made from our extensive inventory of optical filter raw materials and coated sheet glasses.

The UQG Custom Made Optical Filter Range:

Absorption ND filters, Reflective Metallic Filters for UV- VIS – IR

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Longpass, Shortpass, Bandpass & Photopic Filters

click here to view our Schott Colour Glass Filters

Colour glass filters for the ultraviolet to infrared regions

click here to view our Hoya Colour Glass Filters

Heat control filters for heat management, IR absorbing, toughened and un-toughened

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Calibrated absorbtion nd filters and wavelength multiband filters for Spectrophotometers and mounted or unmounted

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UV Blocking filters for blocking harmful radiation and IR cut off filter cutting off the infrared wavelength

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Heat reflecting, visible & IR transmitting and IR blocking filters

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Colour Glass Coated Filters and Colour Separating Beamsplitting Mirrors

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UQG also supply additional filters:
  • Welding filters
  • Nightvision (NVG)
  • Colour Correction
  • MUG 2 UV Filters
  • Interference
  • Band pass
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