UQG Optical Mirrors FAQ

This month in our product FAQ we are focusing on optical mirrors. These are popular products at UQG Optics, and we wanted to answer some of the questions we get asked a lot.

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Material Focus: Fused Silica Glass

Fused Silica is part of a family of optical materials (along with quartz and fused quartz) which share properties including a high working temperature, high melting temperature and low expansion coefficient.

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Range of optics

UQG Optical Components FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) to help you find the right product or service for your opticalneeds.

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Germanium Windows Custom

Materials focus: Germanium

Germanium (Ge) is a chemical element. It is a silvery-grey-white and highly brittle metalloid, with a diamond-like crystalline structure. Its chemical and physical properties make it very similar to silicon.

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New Website Launch

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website, showcasing all our products, materials and services for 2020 and on.

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