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MATERIAL Float Glass Sheet - Soda Lime
DIMENSION TOLERANCE: Diameters +0.00/-0.20mm  
  Squares ±0.15mm
THICKNESS TOLERANCE: 0.55mm ± 0.05mm, 0.70mm to 1.60mm ±0.10mm & 2mm to 19mm ±0.20mm
EDGE FINISH: Ground & chamfered or as cut/bevelled
SURFACE QUALITY: 80/50 Scratch/Dig plate finish
SURFACE FLATNESS: 5-10 Fringes (@633nm) per 25mm dia


DIMENSIONS: Diameters (0.55mm thick) 5mm to 340mm  (0.70mm to 19mm thick) 5mm to 500mm
                         Squares/Rectangles 1mm x 1mm to 1 metre x 1 metre
THICKESS RANGE: 0.55mm, 0.7mm , 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm to 19mm
SURFACE QUALITY: Optically polished 80/50 to 20/10 scratch/dig or diffused              
SURFACE FLATNESS: Optically polished up to lambda 4 (subject to thickness)
MATERIAL OPTIONS: Coloured, patterned, laminated, etched glass. AR coated sheet splutter coating in 1mm & 1.55mm thick
                                      Ultra White Float glass
COATING OPTIONS: AR optical coatings
OPTIONS: Shapes, toughened, edges ground or polished, screen printed, angles ground or polished, edges as cut,
                  corners clipped, bevels, screen printed & drilled holes

Part No. Data
Description Thickness
Unit Price
(1-10) in
FGW-055 Float Glass Window 0.55Ø 5 £7.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGW-051 Float Glass Window 1.10Ø 5 £6.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGW-015 Float Glass Window 0.55Ø 10 £9.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGW-101 Float Glass Window 1.10Ø 10 £4.50 Buy Add To Quote
FGW-155 Float Glass Window 0.55Ø 15 £11.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGW-161 Float Glass Window 1.10Ø 16 £5.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGW-225 Float Glass Window 0.55Ø 22 £12.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-1011 Float Glass Plate 1.1010 x 10 £4.50 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-2521 Float Glass Plate 1.1025 x 25 £7.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-2519 Float Glass Plate 1.1025.40 x 19.80 £4.50 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-5013 Float Glass Plate 1.3050 x 50 £10.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-5016 Float Glass Plate 1.6050 x 50 £11.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-5051 Float Glass Plate 1.1050 x 50 £8.00 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-6030 Float Glass Plate 1.1060 x 30 £7.80 Buy Add To Quote
FGP-1001 Float Glass Plate 1.10100 x 100 £14.00 Buy Add To Quote